Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for passengers:

Agreement between Passenger/User and Silver Taxi Cab Service Pty Ltd

Thank you for using our Services. These are our general Terms and Conditions, as well as all information, recommendations that apply to your use of our Services, Websites and Applications.


Silver Taxi Cab Service Pty Ltd Trading as Infinite Cabs ACN 634 317 445, ABN 42634317445,(“we”) operate Services, Websites and Applications for our passengers/users (“Customers”, “you”) to book a taxi by using or websites or mobile applications.

The payment for the booking happens through EFTPOS/CASH/ONLINE.

We make your journey safe, comfortable, pleasant, easy and reliable. We keep you in touch with the driver and will also notify the fixed far upfront which is available in our website. Our app also gives details about your driver about how fast the driver can reach you.

We also care about our Customer’s safety by collecting the Customer information as well as we will have the driver’s details who will be picking up that respective Customer. We have our privacy policy conditions placed in our website. We advice you to go through the privacy policy conditions before you book the Taxi.

1. General

By making a booking you agree with Silver Taxi Cab Service terms and conditions and you have read our privacy policy conditions in our website. We note that by giving your details you give us your personal information as set out below and in accordance with our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Silver Taxi Cab Service reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and the amended terms and conditions will be available in our website time to time.

2. Agreement

We note every Customer booking through Silver Taxi Cab Service is agreeing to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of Silver Taxi Cab Service.

The Customer agrees to bind by the terms and conditions of our company with respect to the terms and conditions for the passengers and as a point-to-point transport participant.

The Customer is subject to the legislation and regulations pertaining to the Australian with respect to the Customer as a passenger.

Any Customer or their representatives booking with Silver Taxi Cab Service are subject to the terms and conditions and they agree on both the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

3. Payment

Customers must provide guarantee to the payment for the booking made and the payment has to be remitted to the drivers through the approved EFTPOS system through Credit /Debit card or Cash or Online through our booking app.Charges to you are based on the government regulated metered fares and any tolls that may apply to your ride. You agree to pay an additional Electronic payment service fee of 5% in New South Wales.

This charge will be added to your taxi fare at the end of your trip. If we use a third-party payment processor to link your credit card account to the Service, this paragraph will apply. The processing of payments or credits, as applicable, in connection with your use of the Service will be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the Payment Processor and your credit card issuer in addition to these Terms and Conditions. We are not responsible for any errors by the Payment Processor. In connection with your use of the Services, we will obtain certain transaction details, which we will use solely in accordance with its Privacy and Cookie Notice.

Silver Taxi Cab Service trust their Customers and we do not want the Customers to jeopardies us by not paying.

If required, the Customers may be requested to prepay full fare amount prior to their trip or and may be requested toprovide their ID proof before or after they get out from the Taxi. The Customer agrees to the same by booking the Taxi with Silver Taxi Cab Service.

4. Unlawful or Prohibited Use

  • Our service to the Customers can be used only for lawful purposes and in lawful ways. The Customerguarantees that they will use our service only for lawful purpose. Any issues that might arise due to the unlawful intention or act of the Customer, Silver Taxi Cab Service neither their operator nor the driver is responsible for it.
  • The Customer should not cause any inconvenience or discomfort or any nuisance to the driver of the Taxi and vice versa.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service will endeavor to provide best service to their Customers in all possible ways for a safe and comfortable journey.
  • The Customer acknowledges thatthey use their own card to process the payment for their service. If the Customer uses a card that does not belong to them, they must have permission to charge form the card and Silver Taxi Cab Service will not be responsible for any such activity carried out by the Customer. If Silver Taxi Cab Service is questioned with respect to any such unauthorized payment then Silver Taxi Cab Service will provide the details of the Customers to the relevant law enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies at their request.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service reserves the right to disclose the information to the regulatory and legal bodies if they have been notified by any unauthorized use of the card.
  • The Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for maintaining their confidentiality of their card details and any other details pertaining to them.

5. Privacy

  • By booking through Silver Taxi Cab Service the Customer agrees to collect their personal information like their mobile number, mobile handset ID, location information and other personal information such as card information etc.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service ensures that the data will be securely stored as safe as possible.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service may share your personal information with drivers, law enforcement authorities and our staff, to ensure the operation of the system.
  • If you are an employee or contractor of an organization, which funds your use of point-to-point, transport services (e.g. through your use of a corporate credit card) or provides a refund to you for such services, we may share your personal information and other data with the employer to facilitate its management of such expenses.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service reserves the right to disclose the personal information of the Customer to the extent permitted by law or as may be required by law or if the information is necessary or appropriate to release in addressing or helping any adverse consequences to any person for any act or omission on the part of the Customer. This is in addition to any other uses permitted under our Privacy Policy which is located at our website.

6. Personal and Non Commercial Use

  • The Customer acknowledges that when a booking is made through our website or application, we need the Customers mobile number and name which we will be providing to the driver for accepting your booking and also enable the driver to contact you with relation to the booking.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service does not authorize the driver to use the Customers name or mobile number for any other purpose other than to pick the Customer from the booking spot.Any misuse if notified by the Customer should be report to Silver Taxi Cab Service immediately.
  • The Customer acknowledges that by providing their details they agree Silver Taxi Cab Service to us their contact information for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference, compensation to payment including Silver Taxi Cab Service sending any promotional messages. The Customers are advised to read the Privacy policy conditions pertaining to this.

7. Termination / Restriction

Any unauthorized booking by the Customer is considered as a serious breach of the terms and conditions. Silver Taxi Cab Service reserves the right to terminate your access to the Silver Taxi Cab Service website, application and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice and to sue the Customer for any injuries caused to the driver or to the vehicle because of the behavior of the Customer.

8. Liability Disclaimer

  • We advise you to read our privacy policy conditions and this terms and
  • conditions has to be read in conjunction with our privacy policy conditions while it comes to protecting your data which includes your name, booking, mobile number, address and other details provided by you to us voluntarily.
  • You agree that Silver Taxi Cab Service is not responsible to any loss, liability,
  • damage or expense which arises as a result of using any interfaced platform or by the third party service provider, for any act or omission of the third party service provider who may have access to your personal information provided by you in our website while booking.
  • Even though Silver Taxi Cab Service conduct their due diligence with respect to the operators and drivers, Silver Taxi Cab Service cannot be held responsible for the act of the drivers and operators of the Taxi.
  • In such circumstances, the Customers can lodge a complaint with Silver Taxi Cab Service or appropriate authority.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service endeavor to provide high level of service to their Customers however if there are any network issue or any other issues which is beyond the control of Silver Taxi Cab Service, then Silver Taxi Cab Service is not responsible for the delay or the disruption caused to the Customer arising out of the same.
  • The Customer has their non –excludable rights under Australian consumer law and other legislations that apply to the passenger.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service notes that our website may use cookies and does notguaranteed that the platform will be free form viruses or other destructive features despite the steps taken by Silver Taxi Cab Service to protect their website and app from malfunctioning.
  • Any right and remedies in respect of the service provided by Silver Taxi Cab Service is not excluded under the Competition and Consumer Act.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service is not responsible for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties, or our interfaced platform or the taxi operators or drivers for their actions or failure to act of any driver including any breach of applicable laws and regulations by a driver who is been using our service.
  • We encourage the passengers to report the misconduct of Drivers that you have encounter with in the course of your travel or booking to our emailaddress: .We will investigate and take appropriate action towards the complaint raise in our sole discretion without reference to you.
  • The Passengers acknowledgethat they will ensure to take necessary steps for their own safety and security by all means including the verification of identity of the driver and registration number of the vehicle that you are waiting for /booked
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service disclaims any or all liability arising out of personal injury to the person, property damage or any other damages likely to be incurred in booking and using our vehicle.
  • Refund will not be provided in the event of delay which is totally out of control of Silver Taxi Cab Service. Forexample, strike, force majeure, detour issues or any other reasons which may contribute to the delay in reaching the destination booked.
  • Silver Taxi Cab Service will assist the passengers in case of the lost personal items in the vehicle however, Silver Taxi Cab Service will not be responsible for the items left behind or lost due to the negligence of the passenger.

9. Terms

  • Silver Taxi Cab Service website and application has the details about the estimated fare depending on the pick up location and destination location. The rates are not fixed and areexclusive of the fee like tollsfees or any other charges if any for using the road.
  • By making the booking you agreed to pay the full amount on completion of your trip or reaching your destination booked.
  • Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, there won’t be any additional amount apart from the fare that will be charged for your travel.
  • When the booking is requested, you will receive a notification confirming your booking has accepted by Driver Name and Taxi Registration Plate Number.
  • The fare estimation offered is applicable to that day, time and that vehicle only.
  • Any route that does not form the part of your booking and destination location and any waiting time incurred during your trip will be charged on additional basis.
  • The portions of the trip are not included in the booked trip and drivers may charge you additional amounts for these diversions or waiting period which arise upon your request.
  • We advise you to discuss this extension or diversion prior boarding in to the taxi with the drivers. The additional amount will be the reasonable estimate of the metered fare based on the distance and time.
  • Driver cancellation fee: Any cancellation by the driver will be informed with in reasonable time. We will endeavor to provide you a different taxi depending on the availability and the number of the taxi will be provided to you once again if there are any changes.
  • Passenger cancellation fee:Any cancellation has to be made promptly without any delay. Any delay caused will may incur some cancellation charges that will be charged by the Silver Taxi Cab Service to the passengers or the person making the booking whose details are provided in the booking form.
  • When a driver accepts your booking request, you will receive Name of driver and details of the registration number of the vehicle that has accepted your booking request. Responsibility to verify the Taxi number is on you to enter the correct vehicle. This ensures we have a record of the vehicle that transported you and details of the DRIVER, ensures you are able to pay the full fare and it also enhances the personal safety and security of the passengers travelling and for us to communicate with the driver incaseif you have left any personal items in the vehicle which is been reported to us after you alighting the vehicle.
  • We expect our passengers to be respectful with our drivers and you
  • can also expect the same from them. If you have any complaints with respect to the driver please let us know your experience encountered during your travel and we will ensure to investigate the issue and notify the same inour system and will raise a warning to the concern person. We will also endeavor to reply to your complaint raised within reasonable period.
  • If any of the provisions in the terms and conditions is held illegal or
  • unenforceable under law then such clause shall be deemed to be removed and the remaining provisions in the terms and conditions shall remain in force.
  • Terms and conditions are governed by, and construed in accordance
  • with, the law in force in the State of New South Wales. The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales State.
  • Any complaints has to first reported to the Silver Taxi Cab Service on the email.Followed with Silver Taxi Cab Service will respond back to the issue within 14 days time. If the issue is not resolve on the said period and failure of any response by either parties, both the parties agree to appoint a mediator to resolve the matter before pursuing with the Court.