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Silver Taxi Cab Service


Distance Charge/Km

Time Charge/Km


6 am to 10 pm




10 pm to 6 am
Sunday to Thursday On normal days




Tolls and booking that apply to your journey will be added to your total fare.

10 pm to 6 am
Fridays, Saturdays and nights before public holidays




High occupancy fee +50%

NSW Government Levy $1.10

Elect payment service fee 5%

Airport Fee $5.10

Booking Fee $10.00

  • Time charges apply when vehicle travel speed is below 26km/h
  • High occupancy charges apply for 5-11 passengers including person who use wheelchair or other mobility aid or where the passenger specifically requests a larger than standard vehicle regardless number of passengers except where the journey is for a wheelchair or other mobility aid person.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Cabcharge
  • EFTPOS & All Major Credit Card
  • *A 5% service fee applies on all card’s payments

Travelling with Children

Children under 6 months must be in a properly fitted/adjusted and suitable rearward facing child restraint. Children 6 months or older but less than 12 months must be in either a rearward facing restraint or a forward facing restraint.

In taxis, children 12 months or older but under 16 years old must be in an independent seating position either on a booster seat and use a seatbelt that is properly fitted, adjusted and suitable.

Travelling with Assistance Animals

We understand the importance of training and educating our Drivers on transporting passengers with assistance animals. We welcome Assistance animals in our all taxis and take pride of transporting them.

It is against the law to refuse to carry an assistance animal by any Driver. You must be able to provide an identity card identifying your companion as an assistance animal if requested by the Driver.

Transport of non-assistance animals is depending on the Driver and may be subject to the taxi cab owners’ policies.